Mr. Saad Salman

Lead - Digital Marketing

Mr. Saad Salman is an energetic, passionate, and experienced professional with an MBA in Marketing and years of experience in developing digital strategy and managing social media as well as e-commerce platforms for numerous brands in the industry. He is a marketing enthusiast with a passion to help brands grow and reach their full potential by using the right and meaningful marketing platforms and the best possible strategy considering client needs and resources. His expertise includes analyzing the success of previous and current marketing campaigns, negotiating with social media influencers, and coordinating their actions and marketing strategies.

Mr. Salman has worked as a Social Media Strategist for brands in multiple industries such as Apparel, Cosmetics, Hospitality, Food Retail, and Construction. He has overseen marketing campaigns from initial ideation to implementation and eventual completion. He has managed successful campaigns to increase brand awareness on digital platforms leading to the organic growth of brands. He has developed strategies to target the right audience on the right platform, developed media buying strategies, and improved the e-commerce sales funnel to increase the return on investment (ROI). He has extensive experience in the Apparel sector for driving business growth and maximizing the ROI. He also has a keen interest in consumer behaviors that assist in developing effective customer centric strategies including social media, email, and online advertising campaigns that comprise ads, instructional videos, website content, blog posts, and much more.

Mr. Salman has also been mentoring young professionals in the field of digital marketing. He always keeps his fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing field of digital marketing and stays up-to-date with new, innovative, and relevant digital marketing strategies to help clients’ businesses grow economically and efficiently.