Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

AM Management Global (AMMG) Inc. specializes in providing project management and engineering consulting services during pre-construction, construction, and post construction stages of multidisciplinary projects. AMMG Inc. provides construction management and engineering consultancy in structural analysis and design, design reviews, structural rehabilitation design based on concepts of value engineering. AMMG Inc. has an extensive experience in providing multidisciplinary consultancy services from conceptual design development to detailed engineering and successful execution of project ready to be commissioned to client. Technical services also include a quality management system to the quality steering committee for management, review and take follow-up actions, suggest improvements/changes in the quality management system for continuous improvement.

Scope of Services

Design Services

  • Urban Design
  • Architectural Design & Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture & Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Site Survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Visualization & 3D Virtual Tours
  • Survey – To – BIM

Value Engineering

  • Cost Analysis
  • Function Analysis
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Risk Analysis

Project Management and Supervision

  • Pre-Construction
  • Contractual Review
  • Basic Study & Review
  • Design Management & Review
  • Tender Stage Activity
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction
  • Project Control
  • Quality Control
  • Budget & Cash Flow Control
  • Purchasing & Tendering Activity
  • Post Construction
  • Maintenance Planning & Operation

Engineering Services

  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineering
  • Building Management & Control Systems
  • Desalination Plants
  • Electrical Transmission & Distribution
  • Cooling Plants
  • Communication Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Stations

Major Clients

Our professional team has experience of working on projects and conducting training for above mentioned major clients.


AMMG Inc. has a strong team of experienced technical experts who focus on adding value to our clients. Our teams are specialists in their field and have a proven track record of delivering success. We are passionate about what we do and think outside the box to deliver the best results for our clients. Each area of focus at AMMG Inc. has a dedicated action plan and a senior sponsor.